NKS- Naturliga Kropps Språket

Natural health- Alternative choices

 Lectures and Courses

I give lectures on health, natural therapies and diagnostics for professionals.



•Iridology (certified Iridologi instructor for: International Iridology Practitioners Association, IIPA)

•Acupuncture          •Homiatrik-what is a Homiatriker             •Nature's medicine                 •Clinical trials

•Homeopathy          •Natural Medicines                                  •Nature's Pharmacy                 •Schüsslersalter

•Iridology 1 and Iridology 2 according to IIPA, with possibility of certification with IIPA as an Iridologist


Dr. Emil Bewö is since 2008 certified Iridology instructor for the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) and a member of the board since 2012.