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•Iridology has been used as an analytical tool for centuries. Already the bible talks about the eye as the mirror of our soul, and Hippocrates “the father of medicine” whose oath is still taken by medical practitioners around the world, talked about the diseases reflected in the eye.

•Not until 200 years ago the modern Iridology was born. Ignatz von Peczely in Hungary studied the eyes of his patients and drew one of the first Iridology charts. Slightly later in time Nils Liljeqvist in Sweden saw his eyes change colour during heavy medication and got an interest in Iridology (Ögondiagnostik). He published a book: Ögondiagnostiken, with several hundreds of sketches of irisis. Among hundreds of iridologist during the 20th century, Dr Bernard Jensen , USA, is specially to be mentioned. His work has taken Iridology in the western world to the level it is today

•Iridology is the science of what the eye can tell us about the potential status of our physical and mental body. 

•In previous centuries Iridologists talked about diseases, today we talk about the genetic predispositions, read from the eye. As we all know: a person's health is depending on our genome and our environment.