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A book based on 5 years of PhD- studies about Iridology charts from around the world.

The book describes 50 reactionfields and their localisations and agreements between different established charts. The book has many detailed iridology photos with explanations.

To order: send  e-mail to: emil@bewo.se, 

price:70 euro incl VAT, excl shipping

Iridology chart

Iridology chart based on 5 years of PhD studies of the most established charts in the world.

With clear reactionfields and colour coding.

The chart is available in English, Swedish and Latin.

To order, e-mail to: emil@bewo.se

price 15 euro incl VAT excl.shipping


New book about the combination of Iridology and Yin & Yang. Price 25 euros. To order send a mail to: emil@bewo.se

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